True Mark Engraving stamps are engineered to mark a wide variety of different surfaces, and they can be used for multiple industrial purposes. Each stamp is designed to fit within your specifications. You can use our standard font patterns, or you can use your customized text and graphics. A few common stamps we’ve made include company names and logos, detailed artwork, part numbers, date codes, serial numbers, patent numbers, trademarks instructions or product information, among other uses. To add your customized artwork to the stamp, we use CadCam software to increase efficiency and decrease turn-around times.

Stamps are made with a variety of machines including CNCs, Electrical Discharging Machining (EDM) and with manual etching machines. We can also use a variety of different tool steels to make sure that they are right what you’re stamping. A2, M2, D2, s7 and H13 are all different types of tool steels and since different materials have different stamping requirements we even had ovens to control the metal for the best results.

Steel stamps can be any size and are usually square or round with engraving. Generally these are done with a press. Much like a roll marking die rolls on the outside of a part, a steel stamp presses down onto the part. But that doesn’t mean it has to be flat! A curved object can be rolled or stamped and we can match the right stamp for your existing machine shop or tool. Just tell us the machine you use and we’ll match the stamp to it!

When you order a steel stamp from True Mark Engraving, you will receive a tool that is exactingly manufactured to fit your requirements and specifications. We have stamps that can mark different types of materials, which include leather, metal, steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber, etc. Our tools create stamps that are long-lasting and, in some cases, even permanent. A mark needs to be legible and clean, and we have the tools to get the job done. Our tools are forged in the United States, and can be made-to-order.

Just give us a call! We’re here to help you to select the type of stamp that fits your needs. Start to finish, True Mark is here for you. We have a deep understanding of metallurgy and what type of steel stamp works best for certain materials and Journeymen Tool Makers. Our professional grade metals, in combination with our masterful engraving expertise, will help you make a lasting mark on almost any part.

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