True Mark Engraving Co. manufactures some of the finest roll marking dies, roll holders and roll inserts including continuous markers, wafer rolls, solid roll dies, roll type or insert holders up to 30 inches in diameter. Roll die marking is fast and efficient. It can be a great way to mark bulk amounts of product. Part of the efficiency is because it uses much less pressure than other methods, like press methods. It’s especially useful for marking uneven surfaces. We can make dies with a variety of machines including lathes, CNC and manually cut. We even have some propriety methods for those extreme requirements.

Family owned and operated since 1925, we provide the highest quality roll dies with an attention to detail and make sure that the die you ordered is the die you get! No matter how difficult or hard you may thing it is, we can custom create any roll die!

Circular roll dies are some of the most efficient and fast-working engraving tools. Our custom roll dies are specifically engineered to make a mark on flat, curved and concave surfaces—they are perfect for uneven surfaces. Unlike other methods of marking a part—like the average press method—roll dies require much less pressure. Because of the low pressure, they’re perfect for stamping fragile items. They’re also great if you need to mark a high volume of items in very little time. They’re used in roll marking machines, lathes and screw machines. Some of the dies that we manufacture include roll marking dies, roll holders, and roll inserts.

For a stamp to be effective, it must be durable, have sharp edges, and a smooth surface. And beyond that, when selecting a stamp to be used on a certain material, the stamp must have the correct type of steel and heat treatment—otherwise the mark it makes will be unclear and messy. If you want an identifying mark for your product or item, then you need high quality, durable equipment to capably accomplish the job. True Mark Engraving’s line of roll dies is the prime solution. Distinctive, easy-to-read stamps and marks that have sharp cutting edges rely on deep craftsmanship and an intuitive know-how. That’s what we specialize in.

All of our products are made with a precise attention to detail in the United States. The moment that you use our product, you will see the difference that separates us from the hoards of mediocre engraving tool companies. We engineer our products with quality in mind; anything less would be unacceptable. You’ll see it in the quality of our metals, our deep industry knowledge, and our undying commitment to customer service.

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