True Mark Engraving manufactures a wide range of emboss/deboss dies. These dies are used to create a raised or sunken logo or text in a variety of materials such as paper, cloth, plastic, rubber, leather, steel, aluminum, brass and many other materials.

Read about the difference between emboss and deboss dies here.

With the high quality, custom-made industrial emboss and deboss dies from True Mark Engraving, you’ll be able to create perfect raised and sunken logos, images and text.

Our industrial emboss ties can be utilized on a huge array of materials, covering you for nearly any material or application that you would need. This ranges from paper and cloth, to plastic, leather and rubber, and onto steel, aluminum, brass and more.

We work hand in hand with our customers, and produce high quality tools and solutions based upon your specific needs and desires. We manufacture our dies from different tool steels, and also utilize different programs and methods, allowing us to transfer or import any type of logo or text.

Utilizing a unique blend of both manual and CNC equipment, there’s no challenge too big or small, unique or complex. We’ll always get you the high quality results that you’re seeking, with great prices and exceptional service.

Plus, with 50 years of experience producing proudly made in the USA tools, you can always be confident in our capabilities. Call True Mark Engraving at 216.252.7422 today to learn more about our industrial emboss and deboss ties and how we’ll be able to provide you with a high quality and tailor-made solution.

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