Steel Stamps, Dies, Roll Dies, Embossing Dies, Molds, Type Holders and more.


Frequently a simple, practical solution has already been developed for the most difficult marking problem.


Capable of high speed milling, sinker and wire EDM, turning, grinding and honing used to manufacture mold cavities, die blanks, fixtures and more.

Have an engraving or marking challenge? We’re ready with the solution.

True Mark Engraving Marking Tools

True Mark Engraving has been making marking tools and products like stamps, roll dies, embossed stamps and much more since 1925. We’re a family owned and operated business with a dedicated staff of tool makers, machinists and engineers that can make a huge range of tools from large to small. Many clients are surprised that we can achieve the things we do, thinking that they have requirements that won’t be able to be met. Fortunately for them, we’ve yet to meet a requirement or challenge we haven’t been able to overcome.


We specialize in creating high quality marking tools and all products are made in the USA. We craft our tools with durability and usability in mind. We also make sure to match their construction to the machines you use, matching specifications and tolerances to create quality marking tools that last. True Mark’s engraving tools are designed for direct part marking that can take the repeated abuse of striking and stamping.
We have a long list of machines that we use from lathes, to CNC, manual etching, EDM and even some proprietary methods for the most challenging of requests. We also have ovens to control the temperature of the steel for marking tools to ensure that they’re done right and last. Not many etching companies have the machinist and tool making experience we have. We ship nationwide and take orders across the country. To find out more about how we can help you, call us at 216-252-7422 or click here.